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Poster: Jack o' Roses Date: Jan 13, 2011 7:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Fall '83 tour/St Steph/breakouts in general?

First: Wow , I'm giving my first listen to Brent's B'day show '83. How did I ever miss this one? It's so good that it's giving me the urge to listen to that entire Fall tour *in one sitting*(Santa Fe to San Rafael!) -i WISH-. I'd swear that I'd heard this show before: but no....saw Richmond & Greensboro...
...before the G'boro show acoupla friends went to the restroom inside-wasn't that nice of the venue PtB- these friends heard the soundcheck, St. Stephen! Of course Nobody believed them, but they went on to MSG because of what they heard; boy, weren't they NOT surprised, but just about everyone else was, as I understand, anyway.

I knew thru the grapevine of the Attics revival before it was played in Hampton' 89; DDHNM at Shoreline was a complete surprise, & I 'Frank-ly don't remember about H>S>F or even DS, at those same Hamptons; was anyone here aware of St. Stephen's '83 3-X mini-revival before it happened?
How 'bout foreknowledge of other breakouts? How thick was the grapevine for, say, China>Rider '77? Box o' Rain '86? UBC '95? DS '84? Others? Any speculation/memories?

Second: Drumzroll please...

...I know, I know, this subject has been beat to Deadth recently, so just STOP READING HERE/disregard if it's gonna piss you offff... & skip to "So THERE... Rant completed" below ;-)
I *really* like Furthur. [THIS IS NOT AN AD-but I would love backstage passes for the CO shows in a month-THIS IS NOT AN AD] I've listened to all but 2 shows (cuz they're not here on IA & I haven't shelled out the $ sight unheard). I'd rather listen to them than post-92-Jer's coma-ette GD by far. & live, well there's no contact Jones oozing off the stage making one ...WANT... or ...terribly disgusted ("ain't it a 'FN' shame, "to quote Bobby's Later Truckin's).

Those of you who know my post know that I enjoy Ratdog & P&F, too, maybe even as much as Europe '72 (the tour & the album). & it's all because I wasn't there before '80, and I can't relate to the live experience of Pig or K&D w/the boys (...wish I could, & I'm a tad envious of those who can...).

So THERE... Rant completed; You can start reading again.
Peace, Out.

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